Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick update...

Hi everybody!

As you see in the picture below, things have not been too fun around here! The RSD has spread to pretty much full body.

We went to the Dr. Patin in Miami (who did the ketamine) and his first response was that I am a very, very sick girl and that the disease is in it's later stages and he's never seen anybody this far advanced. He said that he no longer knows what else to do with me except to go to either Dr. Kirkpatrick in Tampa or a doctor in Philadelphia. Well, since Tampa is closer...we decided to make an appointment with him. Dr. Patin also stated that he will contact Dr. Kirkpatrick and discuss my case with him and help as much as possible.

We did get an appointment with Dr. Kirkpatrick on November 4, 2008! He does alot of ketamine treatments....but..... since I had such a bad experience with my low-dose drip, I am going over there with an open mind and listen to what he has to say.

We will update you after we get back from Tampa!!



Coach Marla said...

Hi Rebecca,

I am so sorry you are having to cope with full body RSD. As I told you before, I have been diagnosed with full body RSD since 2006 after a dental procedure.
I agree with your doctor, you are a very very sick girl!! But you can get back your life bit by bit....I am living proof of that!!

I have never done the Ketamine treatments of any kind, but I wish you nothing but excellent outcomes from your visit in Nov. and things work out for the very best for you!! Please keep us updated of how things are going for you on all aspects of your life Rebecca. We do care!!

Take Care of YOU!!

~God Bless~
Coach Marla


Hi Becky,

Your swollen foot is the hot topic of convos here at Ross Dress for Less! I sincerely hope that the doctors in Tampa or Philly can help you I'm sure things will be getting better. Is your address on here somewhere? I'll pick something nice out of the sample sale and send it to you (Kidding, I wouldn't do that to you) but I would like to put a lil' care package together to give you all the NYC goodies I'm sure you're missing down in Florida.

We all miss you a lot and you're constantly in my thoughts, stay as positive as you can.

-eric ablett