Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pump Implant is in!!

On Tuesday, December 30, 2008, I got the morphine pump installed and is up and running. Although it seems to work pretty well, it brought my pain level down to a 4-5, although I still have some flare-ups. Yesterday Mom and I went to a couple stores and I just used my walker. So, today I am feeling it! But, the good news is, I walked in Target (with walker..I used to have to use the wheelchair) for the first time in along time.

This next week is filled with Dr. appt.'s to make sure everything is running right and hopefully up the dose of the morphine so I can ween off some of the pills.

The holidays were great...not too much went on.

Still not sure when the moving date back to Sioux Falls is, but it is going too fast for me...I like the weather down here much better!!! ...Sioux Falls temp right now is -6 and in Sunrise, FL it is 77, with a high of 80!!

Hope everyone is having a happy and healthy new year!


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SpeakAboutRND said...

How is that pump doing? I've never heard of RND treatment with a "pain pump!" would you recomment i try it?