Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008

Hi everyone!

This is Jan..(mom!) I just thought I would update Rebecca's blog for her. Unfortunately, the RSD has spread to all four limbs and she has a hard time writing and using the computer. She is still in a tremendous amount of pain!

We did go to her new doctor June 2nd and he did a different kind of block where he put some medicine on two Q-Tips about 6" long and had her lay down and put her head back as far as she could and he put the Q-Tips in each nostril and it was suppose to go to the nerves in the back of her head and give her some kind of relief. She had them in for about a total of 20 minutes and it didn't even give her a few minutes of relief. So, it was disappointing..but, he thought she should come back on June 9th (yesterday) to try it again, but she decided against it and the doctor even agreed since it didn't do anything for her the first time..so, why go through that again?!!. Sunday she noticed that she was feeling "different" inside of her. Her chest was hurting and her pelvis and back was hurting. She had a fever, which went up to 101 then down to 99..and kept doing that for a couple hours or so. We informed the doctor and asked if the RSD could go inside her body and he said that maybe it was the flu (which we kept telling ourselves that on Sunday!) but she didn't feel sick at all...just different..like the RSD feeling she has. He took her temp, normal, then he took her blood pressure and it was 90/60, low, then he looked a little concerned and said that we'll have to "look outside the box"..wasn't sure what he meant by that! But, then he said that she needs to go to a teaching/research hospital and referred us to University of Miami - Jackson. So, she has an appointment there July 2nd. The date seems so far away...but, I can call everyday to see if there are any cancellations.

Just to let you know that she doesn't check her cell phone or go on her e-mail anymore. You can go ahead and e-mail her..but, just to let you know, I print them out for her to read...so, be careful what you talk about..hahaha... So, please go ahead and type in her blog...or e-mail her or myself at jangausmail@hotmail.com and please keep in touch!!

Also, thank you very much for all your support and prayers....you don't realize how much it really means to us!!!!



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ediedi_de said...

hi jan i am edie i am always make pray for she is hope god hear me you are realy good moom forever i am respect your all about ...