Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18, 2008

Sorry I haven't updated my blog for awhile! I have changed to the new doctor who is so much better than the previous one...and I've only seen him once! My next appointment with him is June 2nd and we will be discussing more of my meds/options then. I also have started taking a water pill, which has reduced alot of the swelling in my feet!

Recently, I was in the hospital thinking I would get alot of intense therapy for my depression, however, it was more of a detox center. So, needless to say I am back at home. According to my insurance company, I was there too long and could not transfer to a different and more recommended hospital. It's a great possibility that I will be going to that other hospital after my Aunt Linda visits and after my June 2nd appointment.

Thanks again for all your thoughts, prayers and messages...they mean ALOT to me!!


Jenny said...

Im glad!!! things are looking brighter for you becca!! I send lots of kisses and hugs your way and nikko and pedro's way!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca, it's Adam from Ross!
I'm glad to hear you found a better doctor, hopefully you're done with the duds!
Hang in there, stay strong and keep your mind active!!!

David Alexander said...

Hey Rebecca .Hope you are having a "bearable" day. I saw that you had a June 2nd appointment and was wondering if you found out any encouraging news ? I have been looking on the internwt at some sites that supposedly have some so called cures for your pain. What a bunch of scams ( I think ). One was a mirror box therapy . I guess I shouldn't be so sceptical but it seemed pretty silly to me. Now that I've told you this , I hope it is something you have tried or I will really feel stupid. Another was a nerve stimulator that somehow was used in a foot bath or could be attached to your arms or back and it sent a pulse through your body. Probably on the same order as that surgery you were thinking of having , except not invasive . Well hang in there kiddo. Let us know how you're doing. Love - David

David Alexander said...
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David Alexander said...

I think I need to use word spell or at least edit my posts. I think you will get what I was trying to say about the mirror box therapy ( I hope you haven't tried it because if you have I would feel stupid . I kind of feel like that right now. Anyway , let us know how things are going and say Hello to all.