Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Going to see a new Dr.

Well things haven't been going well with my last Dr. to say the least. I called in because I was in so much pain (and that is what they say to do) and I got the generic answer that I should go in for another block; not sure why the 6th one would work? So the next day mom and I went into pick up my prescriptions and she had taken away one of my pain meds and decreased all of the others; without an explanation! I couldn't believe a Dr. could have such bad bed side manner.
So on Thursday I will be seeing a new Dr. who is supposedly very good. He was referred to me by someone in the RSD group.

Other than that not much has been going on besides the fact that the RSD has spread to my right arm (between my wrist and elbow) and yes it is hurting bad now haha......It is still hard everyday to wake up and not do much it has almost been 7 months since I stopped working but it feels like yesterday. It is just really hard to see a future; will I be that person living with their parents when they are 35?? Hope not...haha

Guess we'll have to see what the new Dr. has to say.
I'll let you know.
Thanks again for all the support!


TheMatrix said...

Hi Rebecca: You are doing the right thing by switching doctors. I had to switch several times before I found one I can live with and we still don't always agree.

Good doctors are REALLY hard to find for RSD because most of them have never even heard of it. Even some pain clinics where I live never heard of it. That just shows how ignorant they are.

I don't see why a 6th block would help either. I had 3 that didn't help so I said NO More, over my doctors objections. I found another doctor when he suggested amputating my right hand. I wouldn't keep going through them if you feel they aren't working. Stick up for yourself! Every unnecessary needle stick for us is dangerous.

Good luck with your new doctor. I hope you find a good one you can work with. A recommendation from someone that goes to him is better than going blind out of the phonebook. It will work out.

Ms Emily's Mom said...

I know how hard this is for you and I'm sorry that you're seeing yet another pain doctor. they really suck you know!! LOL My daughter Emily has RSD in her foot and now since last week in her arm and back. We've seen just about everyone and they just don't seem to understand. Finally last year I fired them all and took Emily off every one of her medications and as shocking as that sounds it's actually working better for her.

RSD is so frustrating isn't it? My hope is that your new doctor will at the very least have a decent bedside manner and be compassionate towards you. As thematrix so wisely said stick up for yourself and remember to remind them that they ARE NOT in your body and they can't tell you how you feel.

Good luck and let us know how it goes. You're a very strong person so keep taking each day as it comes.

Love and best wishes from Hellen and Emily XXX

jmac49 said...

I also agree Rebecca, a Doctor who is knowledgable about RSD and is compassionate about your pain is hard to find. I am lucky I have a good Doctor who listens to me and does not think she is God. She lets me participate in my health care and decisions we make regarding my treatment of RSD. Hang in there and keep the faith, you will find a good Doctor.Good Luck,and God Bless.


Rainbow422@aol.com said...

Hi Rebecca,

I also agree finding a doctor that agrees with your treatment options that work and are most comfortable for you are a must. I have been through this multiple times and find myself in the same position yet again.

If you ever need to sit and chat, I have a chronic pain group setup. It is for RSD, and also other chronic pain disorders. Please stop by and feel free to join if you want to chat, and that also goes for any of your followers posting in the comment area. I hope you do not mind terribly that I am posting the link.


It is good to talk to people that have this diagnoses and also a place for families to come to and get support.

Gentle Hugs


Annette said...

I sorry to hear of your situation with doctors. It did take me a few doctors to find the one that understood RSD. I also found a physical therapist that works close to my doctor. She has been the one who didn't give up on my situation and was persistant with the doctors and my care. I can never say enough about my Physical Therapist. I was diagnosed 18 months ago at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I am still learning about the diasease and am mind boggled by it...